Crew Call

The PCRRHS is looking for new “crew members” (volunteers) to come on board and help the PCRRHS stay on track. Society officers will be glad to help you get started in a new position; we need your availability more than your ability. To respond to a posting, please contact us and let us know your area of interest. A PCRRHS trustee will be in contact with you. We currently have the following jobs posted on the call board:

POST Author: Do you like sharing stories? Whether you're a former Penn Central employee or a railfan, we are always cultivating new articles for the Post. We don't need professional writing capability, just a willingness to share your story; it can even be sent via email! Our proofing team and editors can help smooth out the rough spots. We can also provide photos to round out your story if you don't have any available.

Photo Contributor: Speaking of photos, whether yours are slides, prints or digital, we can use them in either the POST or our annual calendar. Equipment, buildings, vehicles, employees, whatever! As long as it's PC-related, it's welcome.

Model Contributor: We know that many society members are model railroaders. Many of you make custom models and we'd love to see them! You can submit photos or, by combining the previous two “crew calls,” write an article about how you made the model and include some photos.Don't worry if you're not a world-class modeler. This is a hobby and is supposed to be all about fun. So just send it in and enjoy your 15 minutes of fame!

Trustee or Board Member: Do you enjoy serving in an administrative or decision-making capacity? Then why not run for office as a society officer? You can start by submitting a short summary of your interest in the PC and why you'd like to be considered for office.

Train shows: Would you like to represent the PCRRHS at a local train show? We are looking for members to assist with current shows and take on new shows as well.

Get on board and help move the PCRRHS down the track!