Upcoming Products, 1/17

Intermountain 138-H covered hopper

HO Scale

Intermountain Railway has announced 138-H covered hoppers and H54 covered hoppers decorated for Penn Central. The 138-H and H54 covered hoppers were 4785 cubic foot cars built by Pullman-Standard. The 138-H cars were delivered to New York Central in 1967, while the H54 were delivered to PC in 1971 with "PCB" reporting marks. Intermountain offers the 138-H in NYC, NYC patched for PC, and full PC repaint, along with the H54 in full PC paint. Each variety will come in six road numbers with an estimated list price of $42.95 and an expected delivery date of first quarter 2018.

N Scale

Atlas has announced an NE5 caboose decorated for Penn Central. This is a new model for Atlas and represents some of the former New Haven NE5 cabooses that did not undergo conversion to N8A or N8B (with the blanked-out cupola and added bay window). The car is available in three road numbers, along with three New Haven numbers. List price is $29.95 with expected delivery in the second quarter of 2017.